Work Stream Manager

The Work Stream Manager App

Providing previously unattainable insights, the Work Stream Manager is a web-based application developed by WMS to assist implementers and clients in the review of asset management processes and execution maturity.

Targets and standards can either be defined by WMS or developed in collaboration, and with multi-site business comparisons available, organisations can achieve an overall picture of asset management health.

Complete with self-review capabilities, as well as the option to store all implementation templates, presentations, and training materials, the Work Stream Manager offers significant value to any asset intensive business.


The Work Stream Manager app is integrated into the WMS approach and from situational analysis and identification, to solution design and implementation, it plays a central role in our entire process. The crucial supporting role it plays in asset management improvement is illustrated in the five steps below.

New Client Setup

A. Utilise Client standards or pre defined WMS standards and upload into Work Stream Manager®

B. Agree and input the targeted maturity level for each asset management process step


Complete Review

A. Train site reviewers in the use of the application and the standards, checklists and maturity criteria

B. Complete the reviews for each asset management process and update comments and findings

Develop Implementation Plan

A. Review results by process, site, or multi-site to gain a snapshot of each asset management process.

B. Take the relevant findings and develop implementation plans

Utilise Implementation Support Tools

A. Utilise the templates, checklists, guides, training material and presentations to implement improvement programs

B. Track the implementation progress of the improvement programs

Maintain and Optimise

For continuous asset management improvement and performance progress tracking return to steps 2 and 3 periodically.

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